About Us

The Sisters of the Holy Cross express their continued gratitude for your donations. Every year we are able to provide a substantial check to them thanks to your generosity. If you can help this year, please send a check/money order made out to SPA Alumnae Association to the address given below.

As a result of inflation and the rising cost of postage, we have found it necessary to raise the annual dues to $5.00. Dues have not been raised in almost 10 years, and we continue to send invitations only to alumnae who have paid their dues, with the exception of those celebrating an anniversary year. You must send $5.00 for annual dues if you would like to be on the mailing list. Please mail a check for your dues to the address given below.  Your continued support of the Alumnae Association helps keep the spirit and history of St. Patrick’s Academy alive.

Mail Check/Money Order to:
SPA Alumnae Association
c/o Carol Moseley Gardner
8420 Dunbar Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20785