Remember When

Terry Dexter
Class of: 1973
I remember when... I remember wearing our uniform skirts below our knees and when we would leave to go home, we would roll the band of the skirt to make it shorter.

Diane (Helm) Clark
Class of: l976
I remember when... I remember when the Martin Luther King library was being built oh boy where there a lot of construction guys for us girls to look at sister Julie made sure of no hook-ups. She stood outside in the morn and even watching us girls and of course the construction workers.

Martina Pass Martina Leftwich
Class of: 1967
I remember when... I remember when we had a typing test, on a manual typewriter. We had to type 45 words a minute with no errors -- yes, you guessed it -- I typed 45 words with no errors and I was the only one who achieved this in that test. I was so proud of myself and to this day, I still love to type. Also, I remember the donuts and a bottle of coke (the small bottles) for breakfast every morning before classes. The best years of my life were spent at St. Patrick's.

Monika Griffin Nicholson
Class of 1984
I remember when... "John shot the duck. Who shot the duck? John shot the duck." That was English class with Sister Ann. If you didn't learn anything else you learned who shot the duck. LOL!

Candye Smith
Class of 1983
I remember when... the homeless people use to try to get in the school building.

Linda Turner
Class of 1977
I remember when... Oh, YES, the DONUTS...That bakery was "Federal Bakery, right next to the Peoples Drugstore on 10th & F St., NW. What I REALLY remember, was when I was caught dangling out the third floor windows, and whistling at the construction workers, I felt a tap on my back.. Thought it was Cathy LaBille warning me about the sister coming....unfortunately, is WAS the sister. She send me home with a note requesting my mother give me permission from now on to do that". Well, needless to say, my mom NEVER SIGNED that note for me. All these years later, I can still laugh not only at that one, but TONS of other "fun" things we all did. After graduating, I cried like a baby when I saw the stores started stacking items for the following year of schools.

Cathy Garland (McGoldrick)
Class of 1961
I remember when... I remember the "cafeteria" in the cellar. It was a long table with a red and white checkered tablecloth and on it were hot dogs, small bags of potato chips and a very large jar of whole sour pickles that you could buy for lunch. I would eat a large, whole pickle every day!

Ellen O'Brien
Class of 1980
I remember when... We got our allotment of World's Finest and my sisters & I had to run to catch the metro bus, while running, I dropped the whole daggone box of WFC AND then my sister Kathy who was running also dropped whole box....THE BUS WAITED...but no one helped...I'm sure they were laughing or cussing the hold up?? EVERY MORNING a chocolate and blueberry donut. EVERY MORNING.

Faye Wilkes
Class of
I remember when... we had a free period to go over to the Martin Luther King Library for study hall and a few of us used to sneak over to the donut shop on 7th street. We walked in one day and bumped into a substitute teacher who we were able to convince that we had permission to be in that area at that time.

Patricia Ann Miller (Kane)
Class of 1970
I remember when... We ate pickles and honey dip donuts for lunch! I also remember getting into mischief and the sisters always catching me. The years I spent at St. Pat's were the best!

Janet Ferritto (Major)
Class of 1976
I remember when... During "Spirit Week" of 1975, our class won the spirit contest by rewriting the words to "Love Train" and substituting "Love" with "Spirit." A number of us performed it and lined up like a train :-) Does anyone else remember this?

Helen Criswell (Exten)
Class of 1969
I remember when... The national Guard had to stay at the school during the riots...they were cuties...but, was a sad time too...

Pia Aladdin (Mary Landini)
Class of 1976
I remember when... I remember when we used to go up on the roof and have snowball fights after it snowed.

Catherine Richardson (Gvozd)
Class of 1975
I remember when... Martin Luther King Library was being built across the street and all the noise we heard while in class.  The noise was so loud that we got to have study hall because we couldn't hear our teacher talk. When it finally was finished, our teacher took us across the street to visit it.

Janet Ferritto (Major)
Class of 1976
I remember when... I remember the first (and only) time that I had to go to Sister Raymunda to get a sanitary napkin and I cried because I was so afraid of her... I remember during Spirit Week, our class won a spirit competition by singing "Get onboard the love train" except we change the lyrics to spirit train. That was the closest I remember our class being... I remember we had a sock hop in the gym and some of the girls from our class (especially Chiquita Morgan and Maria Spriggs) taught us how to dance to "Very Superstitious" by Stevie Wonder. Whenever I hear that song I think about how fun that was... I remember one time someone told some of us that if we sang the Big Mac song (two all-beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seen bun) to the cashiers at McDonald's we would win a free Big Mac. The cashiers just stared at us like we were crazy...ugly practical joke :-)... I remember that we had some really remarkable young women in our class. I wish I had let them know what I thought of them at the time...

Cindy Queenin (Crowel)
Class of 1973
I remember when... In freshman year with Sister Michealla Marie we used to take black pieces from our geography books put them on our front teeth and smile at her all at once. She was too happy with us

Alva Freeman (Jones)
Class of 1976
I remember when... a few of us would take a "visit" across the street to the bakery, (I can't remember the name) get donuts, go up on the roof to enjoy them and hope that the folks at MLK Library wouldn't call over to the school and tell!! Selling the "World's Finest Chocolate" to the citizens of downtown DC. We'd pounce upon them like "little green hornets" out to make our quota. Oh how fun those days were!!! Fond memories... :-) :-)