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Donna (Campbell) Jones
Class of: 1985
I am a member of the last graduating class of Saint Patrick's Academy. I have been married for 19 years and 3 children - Chelsea, 18 currently away at college, and Dylan and Devin, 8 my twin boys. We live in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and I currently work for the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoological Park.

Louise (Swentek) Gillespie
Class of: 1962
I worked for the Dept of Justice and the Dept of Defense after I graduated until 1967 when I married and moved to Michigan. I stayed at home with our children until 1981 when I rejoined the workforce. I worked in Albany, Georgia, Huntsville, Alabama and moved to Jefferson, Georgia in 2004 to be closer to our grandchildren (and children).

Veronica (Patterson) Lorentz
Class of: 1962
Graduated, married in 1962, just celebrated 48 years, attended Howard Community College (AA) and University of Maryland (BS); 3 children, 6 grandchildren, golfer, bowler, mom, grandmom, and loving life.

Dorothea G. Richard
Class of: 1976
I have been a Civil Servant for 34 years. Currently working as a Paralegal Specialist for the Department of Justice. I have one daughter, Tiffany Jasmine, and one granddaughter, Jade Kelley. Currently residing in Alexandria, Virginia. Looking forward to retiring in the Summer of 2012.

Ursula Davis Weaver
Class of: 1957
I am married for 52 years, have 2 living children Kathy and Jed and Tim deceased in 1979. Also have 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I live on an island in Maine and retired from USVA at Togus. I was the Chief of Veterans Assistance.

Kathy Bovio Lukavsky
Class of: 1972
I married my husband, Lon, in September 1972 right after graduation. We moved to his hometown in Davenport, IA in 1974, after he was discharged from the Air Force Honor Guard. We have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I am currently working part-time at St. Ambrose University in the Physical Therapy Department as a secretary.

Mary Monte Thrower
Class of: 1957
Was married for 47 years before my husband died. Now live in Alabama. Have 3 children (1 daughter and 2 sons). Also, have 2 grandchildren (1 granddaughter and 1 grandson).

Juanita (Mondonoedo) Smith
Class of: 1964
Loved my days at St. Pat's; was a cheerleader and a poor, B-C student! Have written two books about growing up during the 50s and 60s --"Forever in Our Hearts" and "Say Uncle! Life in DC with my Filipino Uncles." Now live in Snow Hill, North Carolina and am very homesick for DC.

Judy (Henderson) Smith
Class of: 1962
After graduation I worked in the Dept. of Justice Law Library for 5 yrs. until I got married in 1966. Had my first child, a boy. in 1967. Then went to work for the Census Bureau worked for 3 yrs until I had my 2nd child, a girl. She was born with Downs Syndrome but otherwise is healthy. After her birth I stayed home for 5 yrs raising her and my son. When she started school at 5, I went to work for the Prince Georges County Board of Education. I was a school secretary for 20 yrs. I retired in 2000 and moved to Long Neck, De which is about 20 miles from Rehobeth Beach. I now live a wonderful life of retirement with my husband of 44 years, and out daughter. Would love to hear from any one from the class of 1962.

Candye (Branch) Smith
Class of 1983
I live in Augusta, Georgia now. married two beautiful daughters Ebonye and Mahoganye. visit my website at

Juanita (Nita) Smith
Class of 1964
Live in small town Snow Hill, NC; own a coffee shop where we enjoy lots of fun, gossip, music, books and coffee with local yocals and fellow northern Yankees. Have 3 grown children, 2 stepsons, 2 granddaughters, 2 step grandchildren. Earned a bachelor's degree at Shepherdstown University when I lived in WV. Wrote 3 books and enjoy reconnecting with old friends. I know that the hand of God has directed and redirected me since we were "Colleens" at St. Pat's!

Sally O'Donnell Shifler
Class of 1968
Married Three grown children, 5 grandsons and one granddaughter 6 mos old. Graduated UMBC and UMAB with a Master in Social Work. Worked for Hospice in AA Co and Calvert Co. Retired to Hilton Head Island, SC to golf, sew (quilting) and travel with husband Chris who is also retired.

Norma Thompson Laughrige
Class of 1971
Married for 25 years, have a 20 year old son (Patrick), still working at GU Law School (since graduation in 1971). It's all good!

Jacqueline Givens (Davis)
Class of 1963
Graduated from Virginia Tech in 1970 with BA Degree in English; minor in Sociology. Married in 1970 to John Givens. Had two children, Jenny in 1972 and David in 1976. Lived in Hagerstown, Md. for 15 years. Moved to Roswell, GA in 1985. Worked for 22 years at Kennesaw State University as Director of Grants and Contracts. Received Masters Degree in Public Administration during that time. Retired in 2006 when we moved to my husband's home place in Salem, VA. Working full-time as Grants Administrator for the Southwestern Virginia Second Harvest Food Bank. Have two grandbabies (13 months and three years old) living in Greenbelt Md. Hope to retire for second time, sometime this year!

Sally O'Donnell Shifler
Class of 1968
Married Three grown children, 5 grandsons and one granddaughter 6 mos old. Graduated UMBC and UMAB with a Master in Social Work. Worked for Hospice in AA Co and Calvert Co. Retired to Hilton Head Island, SC to golf, sew (quilting) and travel with husband Chris who is also retired.

Kay Vaughan Looney
Class of 1956
I enjoy seeing many friends at the annual luncheon. Our class has stayed very close over the years and we enjoy getting together and catching up on what everyone is doing or where they are traveling.

Kathy Wasley (Frances Desmond)
Class of 1970
Married Bob on my 18th birthday after graduation. 40th anniversary is 9/26. Weird. 4 children 20-30. Several foster children over the years. 1 7 mo. old grandchild. Part-owner Firestone's Culinary Tavern in Frederick Maryland. Had different careers that sound interesting but I'm now wishing I was retiring from a GS- position! I do owe a lot to what I got at St. Patrick's.

Patricia Ann Miller (Kane)
Class of 1970
Married for 37 years, mother of 4, 2 grandchildren Assistant to the Director of Bowie Montessori in Bowie, MD for the past 10 years. Live in Bowie for now!

Class of 1959
Federal Gov't employee 43 years, 5 mo. & 3 days (whew)! Worked for State, Army, Defense Logistics Agency, Naval Medical Clinic/Quantico & VA Hospital/Asheville NC. Husband, JR and I have 22 kids/grandkids in Stafford, Spotsylvania, and Fairfax Counties! You can reach me on FACEBOOK: Patty-J.R. Blanton

Linda M. Turner
Class of 1977
Became a police officer. Had a ball working undercover all my career. And to think Sr. Eleanor Anne referred to me as the "ring-leader". I was always accused, but she couldn't ever prove it. LOL I have 2 wonderful daughters, Miranda, 23, and Melissa 22, and best of all, my 1st grandchild, Alexis 2. And, now she and I do bad things together, then I send her home.....counting down the hours to see her again.

Faye Wilkes
Class of
Married with three step children residing in Clinton, MD. Employed with the General Services Administration for 23 years. Section Chief, heading the National Test, Exercise and Training Program. Member of the Federally Employed Women. Member of the National Organization of Blacks in Government (organization that provides training opportunities for Federal, State, Local and Private sector workers). 2007 and 2008 On-site registration Committee Co-chair for the National Training Conferences held in New Orleans, LA and Baltimore, MD.

Donna Jones (Campbell)
Class of 1985
Employed at the Smithsonian University and after college married to Stephen Jones and am the mother of Chelsea and twin boys Dylan and Devin. I currently reside in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Connie Hawkins
Class of 1980
Currently reside outside of Dallas, TX and work at the American Heart Association as a Special Project Coordinator in the Meetings Department. I have a son name Marquis.

Linda Cantilena
Class of 1963
I retired from the US Department of Justice in 2005 and am living in Georgia. I love retirement and enjoy traveling. I have one son and two grandchildren.

JoAnne M Hull (Crowder)
Class of 1963
I was President of the Alumni Assoc in the 80s. Was a great thing to do. I am now living in FL with new husband as I was widowed in 1998. I do miss home and not being able to attend the luncheons each year.

Robin Davis (Crowel)
Class of 1976
Married to Parker for 26 years. Have 3 children Paul and Eric and TJ. Four grandchildren, David 11, Emily 10, Katy 8 and Brady 1 year. We now reside in North Carolina and I work for myself.

Ellen O'Brien
Class of 1980
Have 2 boys, (men) 27 & 25 - Married to a wonderful guy - Started own business this year - "Daisy Clare's" a driving service for Seniors named after my Guardian Angel Miss those days-the 70's!!! It was great to see some of my class-Thanx for putting the luncheon together!

Janet Ferritto (Major)
Class of 1976
After graduation, worked for DHEW, Dept. of the Navy, and Phillips Petroleum before enlisting the U.S. Coast Guard in 1978. Spent 9 years in the Coast Guard as a telecommunications specialist and got out but enlisted into the Coast Guard Reserves 2 years later and ended up retiring from the Coast Guard in 2005 with a combined service of 25 years. While a Reservist (part-timer) I got married to my wonderful husband Frank (1987), had three beautiful children (Emily 20, Jamison 18, and Abigail 15) and moved 15 times in 18 years before retiring. I have earned a Bachelors in Administration/Management and a Masters in Elementary Education. I continue to be a substitute teacher while I wait for a full-time teaching position to open up. My long-time goals is to teach in a high needs, urban school. Sadly, we live in Michigan where teaching positions are rare these days. I enjoy reading, traveling, aerobic kick-boxing, performing community service, and am a cantor at my church. My favorite quote is "Be the change that you wish for the world" Gandhi

Maria Rankin
Class of 1975
Graduated and attended the University of Maryland for 2 yrs. Then began employment with US Probation Office in 1978 to the present.

Monika Nicholson (Griffin)
Class of
I am currently a Legal Assistant with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). I've been married for 14 years to my husband John, whom I met while working at the FDIC. We have two wonderful children, Shante' and John.

Belinda Faltz-Heath (Griffin)
Class of 1975
Married for the second time. One daughter and 2 grandchildren. Working for the Treasury Dept. 34 years with just a few left to go before retirement. Still best friends with Deidre Javier-Queen. Over the years I have worked with a quite a few St. Patty's girls. Sharon McNorris Class of 71 or 72 still works with me.

Honora Daly
Class of 1965
Worked for Federal Gov't from 1965 to 2007. Had a couple breaks in service, and retired in March 2007. I am a support contractor working in Crystal City. I have three Sisters-In-Law, two nephews, their wives, two great nieces and one ? due in October. There's more, of course, but that's my mystique.

Marygrace Crockett Baergen
Class of 1969
Married to Edward and one daughter, Nicole Carmela. Currently living in Harwood, MD and working in Washington, DC.

Marilyn Italiano (McElwain)
Class of 1964
I married my best friend two years after graduation and raised a family of 3 daughters and one son. After being a stay-at-home mom for 18 years, I returned to the workforce and climbed the ladder to become a survey statistician with the U.S. Census Bureau, in the Economic Directorate. I currently have 8 grandchildren and am enjoying the many blessings of a large family. I like traveling, good movies, country music and playing with grandkids.

Cindy Queenin (Crowel)
Class of 1973
I have been married to Danny for 30 years. We have 4 children Tara, Laura, Aimee and Joe. 5 grandchildren Ian, Tristyn, Hailey, Brooke and  Juliana. We live in Colorado now but hope to move back east very soon.

Kathy Herring
Class of 1973
Currently work at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. I am an Administrative Officer and I service four departments in the Clinical Center. The main department is the Medical Record Department where I started in 1989. I taught health and Physical Education and coached basketball and one year of volleyball (before it was disbanded) at St. Patrick's from 1980 to 1983.